St Clair Sheetmetal supply high quality, integrated stainless steel sinks perfect for restaurants, commercial venues and food preparation stations that require a high standard of hygiene.

We source and custom-make commercial stainless steel sinks which are welded and polished into stainless steel benchtops, providing a solution that is both sleek in design and incredibly hygienic as it does not allow any area for mould to grow.

Share with us your stainless steel sink requirements and we will help you find or make the perfect product to see your workspace become highly functional, durable and easy to maintain.


Whether you need a sink at a certain depth, width or shape to suit a particular kitchen layout or work function, St Clair Sheetmetal can assist you in finding or custom-building the perfect stainless steel sink to suit your needs.

We take pride in making workspaces more functional and can provide insight into the best options and applications to make a more efficient and easy-to-maintain area.


Stainless steel is an incredible material suited to many applications, industries and work functions. There isn’t really an alternative to stainless steel for a domestic or commercial sink as a stainless steel sink is heat resistant, hygienic and most often scratch resistant.


St Clair Sheetmetal is a family owned business in South East Queensland with a great reputation for delivering quality stainless steel products and fabricating made-to-order solutions to ensure every project we work on is highly functional and fit for purpose. We do everything including the kitchen sink!

With decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge on all things stainless steel, the team at St Clair Sheetmetal can provide great insight into the various options, customisations and applications for stainless steel sinks.

St Clair Sheetmetal is also well equipped to provide customers with a range of stainless steel solutions including, benches, cabinets, balustrades, complete kitchens and more.  If you need something in stainless steel, the expert team at St Clair Sheetmetal will help you find exactly what you need, even creating a custom solution to see your requirements met.

With a specialist team using the best products and materials, you can be sure your purchase from St Clair Sheetmetal will be of the highest quality and functionality.

Get a quote for stainless steel sinks for your domestic or commercial kitchen today! Talk to the team to ask a question or get a free quote.

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