Hardwearing and customisable, stainless steel cabinets are perfect storage options both in the home and in commercial applications.

Our experienced team have created made-to-order steel cabinets for a range of garage, storeroom, kitchen, indoor and outdoor applications, including filing cabinets, secure and lockable gun storage, commercial kitchen storage, toolboxes for work equipment as well as under car storage for tradesmen, and additional BBQ storage.

With a range of stainless steel options, an experienced team and a large workshop that can fabricate almost any stainless steel requirement, the possibilities are endless. If you have an idea for a specific cabinet or application, our team would be happy to explore it.


Our stainless steel cabinets can be designed in various thicknesses and finishes making them customisable for individual requirements in both flat sheet and treadplate.

Whether you need the cabinet sized to fit a particular tool or storage item, or you’re trying to seamlessly fit within a specific room layout or design, our team can meet you onsite to measure up and discuss your options to custom-make a cabinet that will be highly functional and appreciated for years to come.


Stainless steel cabinets are hardwearing and rust-resistant delivering a long-lasting product for customers that not only looks great but performs great as well. They can be used indoors and outdoors, providing secure storage with very little maintenance.


Renowned in South East Queensland for our extensive knowledge, experience and high-quality service, you can be confident you’ll receive a great end result made by a team with a passion for delivering quality, custom-made stainless steel storage solutions.

With our expert team, and our purpose-built large workshop we are able to create made-to-measure stainless steel cabinets and a range of other products including larger mechanisms, all from our Sunshine Coast base.

For custom-made stainless steel under tray cabinets for tradesmen, we can fit directly to your ute in our warehouse with our team taking great pride in seeing the finished product in action.

We use only the finest products and materials for our work, so you can be sure that your project is in great hands. To top it off, our tradesmen are highly skilled and knowledgeable in the fabrication and application of the various types of stainless steel and can advise you on the best options for your needs.

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